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    Successful partnership launched for waste cooking oil recycling in Abu Dhabi

    On 9 of February 2016, Averda United Arab Emirates has launched a Waste Cooking Oil Recycling Campaign together with its main partner, The Centre of Waste Management of Abu Dhabi (Tadweer), Masdar Institute of Science & Technology and Khidmah.

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    The Campaign was launched in Al Raha Gardens residential area where volunteer school students distributed, free of charge, small waste cooking oil containers to the residents for the latter to collect their used cooking oil in. The residents were also presented with all relevant information pertaining to this initiative.

    With the remarkable support of Tadweer and under its guidance, the aim of the Waste Cooking Oil campaign is to raise the awareness of the benefits related to recycling the waste cooking oil, primarily given the fact that the waste cooking oil collected will be transformed into biofuel by Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

    Two Averda trucks will be especially dedicated for the collection and transportation of the waste cooking oil from Al Raha Gardens Compound to Masdar’s facilities. A key point of the awareness raising campaign is the transformation of waste product into a useful by-product, namely biofuel. This biofuel will be used by Averda’s trucks, thus ensuring a full embedding of the circular economy’s recycling concepts.

    Mr. Oussama Natour, Averda’s United Arab Emirates Project Director, said: “We believe in giving back to the community as much as we believe in giving back to the environment we work and live in. Biofuel recovery is another technological advancement that Averda is proud to introduce to Abu Dhabi alongside our prestigious partner Tadweer.

    This initiative is the result of a strategic collaboration between the environmental experts of Abu Dhabi and we are proud to be leading on this project with our strategic partners Tadweer, Masdar Institute and Khidmah. The initiative will not only lead to a better environment but it is also designed to integrate the different layers of the society and encourage them to take part in the waste oil recycling initiative and be part of a significant change.”