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    Medical waste

    Medical waste collection

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    Healthcare facilities generate large quantities of hazardous medical waste and need a partner they can trust in the safe collection, transportation and disposal of this risk waste in compliance with all national legislation. These healthcare waste streams include but are not limited to anatomical, infectious, pathological, sharps, chemical, cytotoxic and pharmaceutical waste.

    We work with our healthcare clients to ensure our service exactly meets their needs. This starts with a consultation to scope their specific needs and identify which of our dedicated healthcare waste containers are required on site. We also provide staff training in waste management to ensure safety is adhered to but also that as much waste as possible can be recycled. And we make sure all the necessary regulatory adherence and reporting is in place.

    We then arrange a collection schedule convenient for our clients. Healthcare waste is collected by trained crews equipped with the necessary PPE.

    Tracking and control

    When we collect infectious waste, it is always done using refrigerated vehicles that are fully traceable from reception signature to certification of disposal, which takes place at a locally certified facility where it is autoclaved or incinerated.

    Through our powerful real-time, digital tracking system, our healthcare clients are able to improve security, staff productivity, associated business processes and customer care. All waste output is recorded, itemised, weighed, scanned and verified. We are relentlessly thorough in the documentation and management of every single stage of the process.

    We use GPS technology to track healthcare waste en route to guarantee complete compliance. An automated dynamic vehicle routing system is used to ensure prompt and efficient delivery, while maximising fuel efficiency. At the end point, all waste is checked against the supporting documents.

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