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    City cleaning

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    With our fleet of fuel-efficient side loading trucks, we’re keeping city streets clean day and night.

    From sun-kissed coastal cities to fast-moving, densely populated urban sprawl, we create cleaning solutions that reflect the unique geographies and needs of every metropolis we work in. Wherever we are, cities the world over benefit from the very latest technologies to keep gutters, beaches, parks, monuments, underpasses, bus stops and municipal buildings clean, healthy places to live, work and play.

    We install economic, reliable, technological and sustainable solutions to help cities recycle valuable or scarce materials - or to recover energy, closing the value chain loop. Our city cleaning and collection services are available 24/7, seven days a week on a schedule of your choosing, in addition to a clear plan for delivery backed-up by custom KPIs. And each month, we’ll send you straightforward web-based reports to show you how we’re performing – and how we’re improving your performance.

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