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    Material recovery facilities

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    Mixed recycling is sorted and separated at ‘material recovery facilities’, often known as MRFs. These facilities play an important role in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, the demand for raw materials, and the pollution associated with the manufacturing of new products. They also provide a source of safe, reliable employment for local communities.

    Averda operates a number of MRFs around the world and is actively investing in developing new ones. MRFs differ in size and processes but all of them involve waste materials – for example paper, plastic and cans - travelling along conveyor belts and being separated through a combination of technological and human sorting. They are then baled up and ready for the next step of reprocessing to be transformed back into new items.

    Averda is expert at building and operating MRFs in every conceivable location including urban areas and even in the middle of the desert. We also offer small mobile MRF units suitable for temporary sites.

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