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It goes without saying that the environment in all its forms is our primary concern: from composting to recycling, street sweeping and beach combing to the safe and secure handling of biohazardous waste. But – environmental responsibility has a moral and ethical component for us, which is why we go well beyond our remit into education and social impact activities.

A great example of our work in this sphere is our Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design project for the Mall of Oman: 350 outlets over 137,000 square metres of retail space. Our job was to track down and manage recycling partners, manage and submit recycling certificates, manage the clients evolving expectations and plans: and act as the go-between for consultants, the client and the contractor.

We’re proud to be able to say that our successful involvement in the project cemented Averda’s reputation as the only waste management company with a proven ability to design and deliver on an LEED project in Oman. Since then? Three other LEED projects have followed, including a ‘mega-project’ called the Oman Botanic Garden, which is currently taking shape.

It isn’t always big projects and big budgets though. Much of our work involves volunteering, rolling up our own sleeves and getting our hands dirty to make a difference. In Qatar, we’ve been combing over the peninsula’s sensitive beaches at Messaid - one of the country’s most popular and busiest destinations.

Sadly, the beach can become heavily littered, with garbage and cigarette butts. This kind of waste is not only unsightly but a danger to the local dugong population (otherwise known as sea cows!) – which are grass feeders who can accidentally ingest small pieces of trash. Volunteering to comb the beaches in our spare time makes all of us happy – including the dugongs.

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