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Municipal Waste Projects

Landfill Build and Management

A landfill site

We’re working towards a world where as much waste is recycled and recovered as possible. But we’re not there yet. So we landfill materials we can’t reuse, recycle or upcycle.

And with the latest technology, we make sure these materials do zero or minimal damage or disturbance to the site.

We make sure they do more too. Our landfills can create energy. Turn their gases into electricity for local communities, and treat their liquids, turning them into water for safe discharge

And when it’s time to close the landfill, we repurpose the site. Completely. We reinstate (we don’t reinstate – we repurpose) it to its original state. You’ll see the landfill disappear. Completely.

In its place, a beautiful green park for the community to enjoy.

Site investigation

We visit potential landfill sites to assess their suitability and sustainability. We undertake rigorous environmental impact assessments, following all recommendations that ensure minimal impact to landfill surroundings. We also inspect existing landfills to evaluate their infrastructure, systems, operating processes and activities.


Landfills require a meticulous design process: plans, layouts, capacity calculations, system specifications, leachate control, local regulations: they all have to be accounted for. We take care of it.


We build landfills with the best infrastructure, using the latest design technology and systems, including auxiliary facilities like bridges, roads, control rooms, offices and truck washing stations.


We provide meticulous plans for the operation, waste deposition and compaction of landfills. And manage the collection and treatment of leachate and gas.

Environmental monitoring and control

We create performance reports on your landfill. From sampling, to lab, statistical, and data analysis, to gases emitted, to noise and odour – we make sure everything is working as it should.

Awareness raising

All our landfill services are supported by public awareness campaigns in each of our markets. These are designed to raise the profile of effective waste management and improve recycling rates.


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If you'd prefer to talk to someone right now call

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