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Refused Derived Fuel Technology

Refuse-derived fuel (RDF)

Business lines | Energy and disposal

Turning waste into fuel is a process that involves sorting, screening, compressing, shredding and blending trash to turn it into energy for use in power plants, gas facilities, industrial boilers, cement kilns and combustion energy plants.

Taking care of our environment and conserving resources is a priority for people and businesses the world over.

We have invested in some of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge recycling facilities currently available - we operate recycling centres, design bespoke recycling facilities and even install reverse vending machines for old cans and bottles. Those are popular in schools and it’s a great way to get young people excited about recycling!

In addition to reverse vending machines, we own our own transformers that turn trash into things that can be used again – like aluminium that can be used to build everything from cars to chairs. And, because we often work in sunny climates, we’ve been able to deploy our ‘Smart Recycling Centres’, which use solar panels and sensors to make sure that the right kind of waste is being deposited. This helps us to maximise what we do without even using electricity. These kinds of innovations are particularly useful in developing economies where resources are expensive and in short supply.

We’re all incredibly passionate – and serious – about recycling. That’s why it also features heavily in our social impact activities in the sphere of education.

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