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    Landfill build and management

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    A properly designed and constructed landfill is nothing like an unlicensed dumpsite.

    At Averda, we are investing more and more in diverting waste away from landfills. But it’s the case that for emerging economies, a managed landfill is the first vital step on the road to a modern, well-organised waste infrastructure.

    Averda has decades of experience in designing, constructing and operating world-class landfills. Our facilities are carefully and thoroughly lined to ensure leachate doesn’t pollute soil or water tables. We are experts in capturing the dangerous greenhouse gas methane that can be generated by municipal landfills, minimising the risk of landfill fires and creating low-cost electricity. We even install odour-dampening sprays to make sure no nasty smells that might bother local communities.

    And when the landfill is full and the gates are shut, we cap it carefully and continue to monitor the site for decades to come, ensuring the environment is protected for future generations.

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