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Landfill build and management

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Right across the world, we are working with municipalities to build, operate and maintain landfill facilities. Whilst landfill is still often the only viable option at present for certain types of waste and certain localities, there is much we can do to minimise environmental harm and even create benefits.

At Averda, using the very latest technologies, we’re able to turn the natural gases that landfills create into electricity. We’re also able to take the liquid by-product of landfills and treat it so that it can be disposed of cleanly and safely – minimising the detrimental impact of landfill on the natural world and human health.

We even have our own laboratories for the processing of data and measurement of gases, odours and noise. This way, we can monitor the environmental impact of the site itself and take countermeasures when needed. One day, landfill will no longer be needed – but for now we are absolutely committed to operating sites as efficiently and environmentally friendly as is possible.

Here’s how

Putting waste materials into the ground is a serious job. So, before we even think about revving up the engines, we investigate new sites to assess their suitability – in terms of , sustainability and impact on the environment and local people. We also need to make sure the site is accessible and supported by infrastructure.

If it’s decided that the new site is good to go, we design it, making sure it meets every regulation and work closely with local people to ensure any concerns they have are addressed. We build it using the latest technologies (we love tech). Then, we operate it meticulously – including collecting by-products like gas and leachate (dirty water!).

We’re not control freaks – but there isn’t a square inch of a landfill we aren’t watching. We’ve even got our own labs to process data and measure gases, odours and noise. All of the data we collect is fed into software and systems, so we know exactly what’s going on under there.

Ok, maybe we’re a little obsessed.

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